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When conventional medicine isn't enough or causes more symptoms

I started working with Brenda in April 2016 after our Corgi, Gracie, was diagnosed with Atypical Cushings. Gracie was in pretty rough shape as a result of prior misdiagnoses and treatment protocols. If anything could be done to help our girl, our priority was to provide her with a good quality of life. Our new vet, aware of this as well as being gravely concerned that traditional treatment methods for the disease would negatively impact our girl, encouraged us to find holistic treatment for her instead.  I’d met Brenda just a couple of weeks prior and, trusting my instincts, reached out to her for her help.  Brenda welcomed us into her practice. From the very beginning, she was focused on doing whatever she could to help improve the health of our girl.

I don’t use the word profound often. Yet I can honestly attest that the impact of Brenda’s care and treatment made a profound difference in our girl.  So much so that Gracie’s much improved condition truly astonished our vet at a follow up visit with her less than six weeks after Brenda started caring for her. Note that Cushings is not curable. Once diagnosed, the illness is managed. Often other systemic issues arise as an afflicted animal continues to deal with the impact of the disease on it’s entire body. This was indeed the case with Gracie.  Brenda worked tirelessly to treat each new symptom that we faced. Through it all, she encouraged questions and didn’t stop looking for answers for our dog.   

In the midst of dealing with Gracie’s illness, one of our other dogs, our Great Pyrenees, Zeke, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Traditional cancer treatment protocols are challenging at best for the animal. And as with Gracie, his quality of life was our primary concern.  Our vet knew where we stood and supported us in whatever choices we made. The specialists were pushing, hard, to follow the traditional route, a path I was not comfortable with for our boy.  Again, I reached out to Brenda for help. I wanted to make decisions for Zeke that were in his best interest, that would provide him with a good quality of life. Brenda made it possible for me to talk with others who’d been down this path with their own dogs. I was able to hear their stories, hear how they and their dogs had fared, what they wished they’d done and hadn’t done. She provided me with contact information for other holistic professionals who provided a variety of treatment options for our boy.  She provided me with links to information about the disease, alternate treatment protocols, resources.  I read, researched, talked and thought. And through it all, Brenda made sure I knew she supported me in whatever decisions I made. 

Despite doing everything we all knew to do, we sent Gracie over the Rainbow Bridge in late September.  While we still mourn her loss, we know that we would not have had the extra time with her that we did had it not been for Brenda’s care. For that we will be forever grateful.  Zeke underwent amputation of his right front leg and shoulder at the beginning of September.  Subsequent to his surgery, he has been receiving regular care from a local canine acupuncturist – a practitioner referred to us by Brenda.  Zeke is doing so well that he was able to attend one of Brenda’s group acupressure massage sessions in December. And he continues to benefit from those massages on a regular basis at home.  

In our home, Brenda is considered a vital element of our dogs’ wellness team. In fact, we refer to her as 'Aunt Brenda' and consider her an honorary member of our pup pack. Brenda’s expertise and compassion were an integral part of our lives this past year as we dealt with these trying health issues.  Her know how, her willingness to go above and beyond to find solutions for an ailing animal, and her ability to provide comfort to an overwhelmed owner - priceless. I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda and Modern Dog to anyone seeking compassionate, knowledgeable, and holistic care for their pets. 

Bonnie C. (Madison WI)
January 2, 2017


I'm glad I discovered Modern Dog for my wild Irish Red and White Setter 

My 2 year old dog is a high spirited Irish red and white setter named Crow (he is also friendly, social,
assertive, and high energy). Crow’s needs are simple (he loves to chew, eat, sleep, play, run like hell,
and explore the outdoors with all of his senses). What to feed Crow and how to make and keep him
vital and healthy wasn’t as easy for me to figure out. When I found Brenda at Modern Dog, Crow was
just a pup. I try to incorporate natural health in my daily life, so it made sense to want it for my dog.
Brenda has been such a wonderful resource and has provided so much information and support so I can
use natural methods as a part of Crow’s daily routine.

I feel like I have gained knowledge and so much more confidence about what to feed Crow from Modern
Dog. I learned about what protein sources and other foods for dogs (and people) are right for Crow. I
learned about Fresh Is Best, a well-balanced, commercial raw dog food that Brenda feeds her dog. I can
purchase Fresh Is Best dog food from Brenda and healthy treats.

Brenda is trained and has so much knowledge, resources, and access to a variety of natural remedies
that I have never found anywhere else. These natural therapies and products have helped me support
Crow’s sensitive digestive and immune systems and his skin. Brenda also networks with a variety of
reputable individuals and companies to provide healthy products for our pets.

A visit to Brenda’s office is also like no other. Brenda’s office provides a calming, inviting environment
where Crow is allowed to explore and make himself at home (he is never forced or rushed through
treatments). It has always been easy and convenient to make appointments and get products for Crow.

Finally, Brenda’s way with animals (and their owners) is exceptional. After getting to know Brenda, it is
obvious she cares very much for her Great Dane, Mini, and all of her Modern Dog clients. Brenda tries
to be like a practitioner she would want for her own pet. Brenda listens and understands that her
clients concerns about their pets are very important to them. She understands that kind words, caring
touch, and good intentions play such an important role in healing (and she doesn’t mind the many licks
of appreciation from her clients).

It gives me great joy to watch Crow run up and down the trails of the West Bend dog park—it looks like
he is laughing. If Crow could talk, I’m sure he would say something like this (in an Irish accent):

Cheers to Brenda of Modern Dog! She has the courage and good sense to help our owners use natural health as a part of us dogs healthy lifestyle—and she has great treats and I like to chew her office antler-- Thanks

Jane P. (West Bend WI)

Senior dog loves Twilight Comfort Care Kit!

Well, the Twilight was a hit! They were both so excited when I took it out of the container.  I know they both thought it was a snack. lol. I put a drop of the oil on the badge and was going to leave it on the nightstand. Casey sat at the top of the bed by the nightstand until I put it on her. She promptly went to the end of the bed and crashed out.  Didn't move a muscle for three hours. Pixie crashed out instantly too.  There was no moving or flip-flopping throughout the night so obviously it worked well. I was very happy so thank you!" 

- K.W. (Beaver Dam WI)

Life celebration and quality of life comfort care

Brenda has been in our lives for awhile; assessing our shelties Koby & Niko and helping us with dietary, supplemental and even behavioral suggestions at our request. She treated Koby with acupressure after an ear hematoma surgery, expediting the process of ridding his body of anesthetic. It was obvious he was comforted and enjoyed the experience and we felt it helped immensely. His congestive heart failure diagnosis brought us to Brenda as we were seeking more advice regarding facilitating our vet’s protocol with holistic and herbal support. She always graciously took time to answer our questions and concerns. Unfortunately we never got to implement the herbal support; Koby’s last day came more suddenly than we had anticipated, just 6 weeks later. I called Brenda frantically on a snowy Sunday morning, asking for her help, knowing she also specializes in end of life care. She was there within an hour or so to help us assess what was happening, and to confirm that Koby was in the process of leaving us. She was such a calm comfort to us and to him, guiding us through the stages of his passing with so much dignity and understanding. She was a very quiet, peaceful presence both for me and for Koby, in what is surely a pet owner/lover’s most difficult time. She’s still an invaluable resource as I deal with the loss, reassuring me that Koby is now really ok and would not want me to hold onto the grief of losing him. Working on that…

Chris B. (Beaver Dam, WI)

Senior dog and quality of life comfort care

I first heard about Modern Dog Acupressure while I was talking with someone who is very respected and knowledgeable about their dogs. She spoke very highly of Modern Dog and how well her dogs did with their treatments. 

I called Brenda and talked with her. I explained Bubba’s numerous medical problems, multiple operations and different cancers that we had been dealing with. I told her I was interested in making sure that my beloved companion Bubba, had the quality of life he deserved and to help deter future problems.    Brenda explained what to expect from the treatments and how she did them. She is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on every aspect of the treatments, supplements and nutrition. 

Bubba loved Brenda from the first treatment! At each appointment he would come in the door wagging his tail, walk up to her and immediately lay down for his treatment. When his treatment was over you could see the sparkle in his eye and you would know he was happy and feeling better. Shortly thereafter he started walk around the yard investigating and smelling and he even started coming up to the table at meal times to see if he could mooch something off you. He was a much happier dog. 

Then Bubba was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, we knew it was only a matter of time. We got him on medications and with the treatments and supplements he was back to his old self. I was amazed at how well he was doing.  

Brenda also suggested some Bach Flower Remedy and Essential oils for Bubba’s end of life comfort.  Those were a godsend. Not only did they help him, they helped me also. When she showed me how to use them, I sat on the floor with her, tearful and by the time we got halfway through them, I realized that I felt much better. I was amazed and that sold me on them. If they made me feel better, I knew they had to make Bubba feel better also. 

Brenda connects with your dog. All you have to do is watch how your dog reacts to her and the treatment and you will know that you can trust her and that she is only looking out for the best interests of your dog. 

Dogs don’t lie. Dogs know who they can trust and who can make them feel better. I think they can feel the love and compassion she has for each individual dog. 

Brenda was there for us when we had a crisis. She always had suggestions that were helpful and was always willing to go the extra mile for your dog. 

At the end, Bubba was having problems getting around and would walk very slowly up to Brenda for his treatment. By the time she was done he would walk out normally and you could tell he was happy. He also liked to give her a little kiss at the end telling her thank you. 

My beloved Bubba is gone now, but I know that Modern Dog helped extend his life with quality and with dignity also. I am forever grateful for everything that Brenda did for us. 

- Phila H. (Columbus, WI)

Overwhelming anxiety

Our dog Karma has always been hyper.  This has made her difficult to handle and train.  Even though she learned commands, her excitable nature made it hard for her to focus and listen when anything new was going on, or when other people or animals were around.

After making some dietary changes, adding nutritional supplements, herbs and Bach flowers as directed by Brenda, as well as doing some acupressure she’s doing great.  She can focus and learn even in settings with lots of dogs and people.  She’s also more relaxed at home and easier to care for and groom. 

We’d highly recommend Modern Dog, if fact, we already have suggested a friend contact Brenda.

- Dave, Judy, and Karma (Waupun WI)


Happy dog!

Hi everyone. I want to tell you about our dog Huckster the Casanova. He is a 2 year old male American Bulldog. We produced him out of our breeding program. He is a very special dog. Polly, his main handler/owner, has had diabetes for over 20 years and never had any problems with controlling her disease. Around three years ago she became a 'brittle' diabetic, meaning she can crash (go way under a safe blood sugar range) and become hypoglycemic within 12 minutes or less. Well we discovered that Huckster is sensitive to Polly's low blood sugars. With some encouragement he has become pretty consistent at telling Polly she is under a blood sugar of 70 and dropping. Huckster has a HUGE job now. He goes everywhere with Polly. And he has saved her life many times now. 

Problem with Huckster was we thought his tail was broken. His tail never wagged. We started talking to Brenda, Modern Dog, who suggested maybe he has an imbalance and and over load of responsibility with no release. Brenda started doing acupressure on Huckster and with in his second session his tail was fixed!!!! Actually it was not just his tail it was his over all demeanor. He was happy and playful and he seemed like he was back into being 'balanced' and stress free.

Brenda has taught Polly some acupressure points to use on Huckster and now he is an acupressure junky addict. He is always exited to see Brenda and get his 'fix'. Brenda has done amazing things with Huckster and several other of our dogs.

Thanks Brenda for being a huge part of our health plan with our dogs, especially from Polly.

- Lisa, Polly, and the dogs of Hardly Dangerous Kennels (Beaver Dam WI)

Note from a brand new raw feeder!

Well last night I took a huge step for me and fed the girls and Rocco Raw Chicken Quarters!! It went really well, they all ate at the own pace, no one choked or gobbled all just ate them very nicely with chewing and taking small bites. They totally love it and after eating this awesome meal they all took naps!! So I have for sure taken the next step and I am glad that I did and so much Thanks to YOU!!

- Roxann R. and the crew of Vom Gold Rush Kennels (Beaver Dam WI)


Paralyzed Whippet

My seven year old whippet, Michelle, was totally paralyzed in the rear with intervertibral disc disease. She responded well to chiropractic initially, but took a turn for the worse. I decided it was time to put her down, but Brenda continued to encourage and support me. She recommended acupuncture which brought about significant improvement. Still more improvement followed after Brenda began acupressure and physical rehabilitation. Today, Michelle can manage the back stairs with ease and can enjoy a romp in the back yard. Her gait is not normal, but she is healthy and active. I'll be forever grateful to Brenda. 

- Joanne and Michelle (Beaver Dam WI)


My Lillie is now a beautiful dog like she should be. Because of Brenda and her work with Lillie when the rag weed is not blooming she has a beautiful coat and a great spirit to go with it. Modern Dog has made a huge difference in my life and in Lillie's!! Thank you so much Brenda!! We Love you!!

- Laurie and Lillie (Fond du Lac WI)



Allergies, too!

Hi, my name is Jack and I just turned 1. What a year it was! I was a very sick puppy. I had a lot stomach problems, ear infections and very itchy skin. I would be ok for a bit and then every few weeks get really sick again. I had my mom and the vet scratching their heads, they just didn’t know what to do. After countless traditional methods didn’t seem to work, my mom took me to see Brenda. She sat us down and educated us about our food choices. I got to try a new foods that helped to cool my belly. We slowly started adding supplements to repair the damage that had been done and set me up for a healthy life.  After months and months of going to the vet every few weeks, I haven’t seen her in 4 months! I’ve put on 8 pounds since I got healthy and my mom tells me I’m a lot more puppy like these days!  My mom and I just love the time we spend with Brenda and the valuable lessons she has taught us.

- Jess and Jack (Madison WI)


Dastardly cancer

Well, it's been 3 months  now, and Kate, our black lab with lung tumors, is still here.  In fact she's doing so well, that sometimes I have to remind myself  she is indeed sick. Brenda has been a vital part of my "team" coordinating her tx with our Holistic vet's. The information she has given us has been invaluable, not only for our Kate, but will certainly benefit any future pets we may have. What started out as a plea for help for our companion who probably didn't have much time left, has turned into an amazing journey!  With Brenda's guidance we've changed her diet, added supplements,and Bach flower blends. We also have implemented Chinese herbs and acupuncture from Dr. Lynne. I've continued using essential oils, which I've been using for a couple years now. But I think the most amazing is how Kate responds to the acupressure. She absolutely loves Brenda, and after warmly greeting her, will lay right down by her, ready and willing for her treatment. It's obvious watching, that Kate knows that this is helping her feel better. It also helps that Brenda comes right to our home, where Kate is most comfortable. I don't know what the future holds for our dear girl, but I do know we are so thankful and blessed to have pursued this course of treatment for her. Thank you Brenda!

Jim and Cheryl and Kate (Juneau WI)

UPDATE on Katlyn (September 2011)

As some of you may already know, our precious companion of over 11 years recently completed her journey on this earth, passing, with the help of euthanasia, in our arms. I so wanted her to leave us when she was ready, but that wasn't meant to be. She became sick quite rapidly, tests showed things were happening that were out of our control. We knew it was time to give her the peace which she had given us for so many years. When she was diagnosed with the lung tumor in March, her time was estimated at 4-6 weeks. I was not ready to accept that. I remembered  having cut an article out of the paper on someone who used acupressure in treating various  ailments in dogs, and gave her a call. Brenda came to our home to see Kate, intending to discuss end of life care, and acupressure treatments to provide comfort. She also worked with us on different nutrition issues that would be beneficial to Kate, along with Bach flower blends to help her. I had been using essential oils on Kate, and continued to do so, changing them throughout under her guidance. She also coordinated her treatments with those of the Holistic vet that we had begun seeing also. It was remarkable how well Kate responded to everything. She had no problems with switching foods, taking the supplements, along with Chinese herbs. She fell in love with Brenda immediately, greeting her warmly every time she came to work on her. She was always ready and willing for each treatment, obviously knowing it made her feel better. In the beginning it amazed me how Kate would just lay down in front of her, roll over on her side, and wait. As time went on, I just expected it.  She was happy and energetic for the most part right up until two days before she left us. Brenda stopped over to check on her, and recognized the signs. She was there for us, as much as she was for Kate. She discussed all our options with us, and left us with our decision. I truly believe Brenda  helped make a significant difference in  the quality of her life, as well as ours. We are so thankful for God leading us down this path, and allowing us to have her with us all these extra months. We truly cherished each day we had with her, right up until it was time to say goodbye. All the knowledge we've gained  through this experience will certainly be helpful when we can open our hearts to another little friend. Thank you, Brenda, for all you did to help us, and keep doing what you do! 

- Jim and Cheryl

New puppy, new health, and every-day wellness!

Thank you Brenda for your invaluable information and knowledge. You have been so helpful and if it weren't for you I wouldn't have my wonderful Sophie. She's doing well and making me very happy. Happy New Year and much success to you always.

- Betsy and Sophie (Beaver Dam WI)

Hi my name is Bailey! I'm kind of a nervous kind of girl, and my acupressure sessions help me feel more calm so I can listen better. Brenda makes me feel less anxious and she always tells me how beautiful I am, too. Brenda uses essential oils with me. I smell really good after Brenda leaves.

Hello, my name is Simba. I'm pretty young and I don't have any problems. My "family" wants to keep it that way, so Brenda comes to visit once in a while, especially after I've gone to the vet and gotten shots! I love Brenda. She lets me give her "kitty chomps" on her chin.

Old girl thriving!

My name is Maddy. I was born June 22, 1997. I may be an old girl, but I feel really good. Brenda is my mom, and I get lots of acupressure and massage sessions to lessen the pain of my arthritis and bum knee. Brenda also feeds me a really healthy diet that keeps me feeling good. Here I am having a raw beef back bone for a snack. 

Note from Brenda: Amethyst Matter O' The Heart (Maddy) passed away January 29, 2014 at the old age of 16 years, 7 months, and 1 week. Rest softly Miss Maddy.

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